I hail from a family who have gone pretty deep into Carnatic Music. My mom is a professional Veena Artist and still continues to prowess us with the way she moves her magical fingers with ease on this lovely instrument.

Starting off with Carnatic Music – I do listen to a lot of “kacheris” and have a special affinity towards Thiyagaraja krithis. The following artists have always impressed me by the way they make music so simple – Yesudas does stand on top of the list, P Unnikrishnan, Sowmya, Mandolin Shrinivas, Ganesh/ Kumaresh and Kadri Gopalnath are some of the other artists i would love to listen to.

I do listen to lot of Western Music and my all time favorites include

1. Pet Shop Boys – Many of my friends were big time haters of this band, but i loved them to the core. “Rent”, “Se a Vida E” from Bilingual, “West End Boys”, “It’s a Sin” are some of their hits which i still love to lend my ears to.

2. Dire Straits  – Sachin Tendulkar loves Mark Knopfler and so do I. Their all time hits “Sultans of Swing”, “So far Away”, “Walk of Life”, “Why Worry” have all been in my all time fav’s list.

3. Michael Jackson – Anyone who loves music, would have come across MJ. Well all his albums are my favourites, but i love “Dont Stop till you get enough” from the album “Off the Wall” the best.
4. Elton John  – “Sacrifice” and “Thats why they call it the Blues” stands on top.

5. Cranberries  – They have a peculiar voice and the songs i would love to listen to include “Will you remember” and “Pretty”.

6. Carpenters  – You will really fall in love with this band. Anyone who has listened to their “Top of the World”, “Sing a Song”, “Yesterday Once More”, “Rainy Days are Mondays”, will echo my feelings.

7. John Denver and Kenny Rogers do stand high on my all time favourite Country Artists.

8. Stevie Wonder (Part Time lover), Lionel Richie (Hello), Richard Marx (Right here waiting for you), Mr. Big (To be with you, Wild World), Roxette (Look, Sleeping in my car, Fingertips) are some of the songs which i would love to listen to.


2 responses to “MUSIC

  1. My dear Balaji,
    Saw the blogosphere on music.
    Thanks for mentioning me.
    I had gone as judge for musical contests in your school, when once, one of the teachers asked whether I was proficient to judge English music.I replied that music knows no languages.
    Good work.

  2. nice i thought you put music tracks to listen to…sad

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