Ever since the inception of this blog-roll, I was scratching my head hard trying to fill up the links on the top. I started off with the “OCEAN MIST” theme, but wanted a “FRONT PAGE” Link which the initial theme lacked. I finally decided on the “CUTLINE” which I felt was more color-friendly and had a look-good feel.

A link “ABOUT ME” was absolutely essential and so were “BOOKS” and “MUSIC” – two pastimes I get engaged into when I’m not at work, sleeping or fighting with my beloved. I really wanted to get my readers a feel of what my categories are all about and this link was born as a result of my hard head-scratching.

Junkyard Stories

Office is a place I refer to as Junkyard. I have been one of those unfortunate souls forced to sit at office almost 14 hours a day, 6 days a week. Considering this, I consider office to be synonymous to a JUNKYARD and this category is all about blogs related to my work, my colleagues at work and other interesting musings.

Ruskin Bond – Short Stories

Well even though this category is named as the “Ruskin Bond – Short Stories”, any interested short stories I come across will be posted here.


I travel a lot and my interpretation of the crowd, place, restaurants, etc wherever I visit, will be posted here.


Any post which do not fall into the above categories.


One response to “GLOSSARY

  1. My Chikku ! Gem of a person . A lovable , friendly, down to earth and kind hearted person . Though he portrays himself as a very serious and stern person , he is very sensitive and soft from within . Likes to live in a shell and allows only a very few people inside it . But for those inside he is always there – a strong pillar like support . Have never seen him losing his temper , though he becomes crabby at times .
    Loves music , books and tennis .
    Likes people who are simple and trustworthy .
    A very good husband and son
    In short he is my pampered little prince .

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