American Airlines – The Era of negative customer 360

In the era of Customer 360, American Airlines have proved that Customer -(360) (Negative) is important too. I was booked on an AA flight from San Antonio to Newark via Charlotte with over an hour overlay at Charlotte. My bad, the flight from San Antonio, was delayed due to a mechanical failure and as a result of which we missed the connection at Charlotte.

We were all given a 1-800 number to plan for an alternative. The customer service representative was rude and was in a hurry and was definitely not in the mood to help me. I had to basically give him all alternate options (Philaelphia, JFK, LGA) as the customer service representative lacked the basics of geography. Finally the representative put me on a flight the next day morning from Charlotte

We reached Charlotte late, I missed my connection and there was a long wait for the hotel voucher. With nearly 50 odd passengers waiting, AA just had 10 hotel vouchers for a hotel nearly 20 miles away. It was 1 AM and one hour into the queue, I was still not called and AA was taking its own sweet time to deal with passengers one by one. Finally when I was called, the voucher was over and i was told to head to any hotel and reimburse at their website a sum of 75 USD. Who on earth gives hotel for 75 USD near the airport ? 

Not only did i miss my meeting the next morning, i was in for a monetary loss, with no compensation whatsoever. 

This is what i would term as Customer Negative 360.

We are in an era where social media gets integrated to your core System of Record to get actionable insights about customer preferences and we cannot afford to have a Negative 360 view of the customer coming in at any cost.

What are your thoughts ?


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