Design Thinking – The value it brings

I have been working alongside various customers the last one year, facilitating discussions in architecture and solution design, primarily around IBM Cloud (Bluemix PaaS and Softlayer IaaS). Starting from a point of view to architectural implementations and cloud assessment, customers have varying degree of thought process and stages towards implementing cloud.

A significant step towards cloud journey is the feasibility of the use case and importance to the customer. Not many customers have a clear strategy laid out in terms of cloud adoption and that’s where i feel Design Thinking becomes essential.

Starting with a high level overview on the customer pain areas, Design Thinking has the ability to drill this down to finer level design element, which can be made available as a prototype or production ready in less than a month. This Minimum viable product will have to be created in a minimum amount of time. 

We should entice customers for a design thinking workshop and ensure that a product thus created gets implemented. 

At this juncture its significant to know where Bluemix scores well.

  • I’ve seen many customers coming out of the traditional Monolithic architecture to a more lean and simplified Microservices architecture and participate in an API economy and API Management in Bluemix aids in create, manage and enforcing API’s.
  • IOT as a theme is fundamentally strong in Bluemix. The way a device can be added seamlessly to Bluemix, the way emitted data from sensors are transmitted via MQTT Protocol makes IOT seamless.
  • I’m not a great advocate of Bluemix Mobile First service, however Mobile from an Application and Platform tier where Push notification, storing mobile app data in Cloudant can be performed, App Lifecycle tier where vulnerabilities can be checked via appscan, improving mobile experience using Quality Assurance and finally an Insights tier where Mobile app content can be managed and delivered makes Mobile a right and filtting use case for Bluemix.
  • Mainframe Integration and Hybrid Integration

What are your Bluemix experiences ? 


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