“Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest in the land?”

Nice to be back after a long hiatus. When I go back in time and ponder as to what has happened since the last time I blogged, surprisingly too many things have happened and there’s been an ocean of dramatic changes in life. My wife became pregnant, I got a promotion at work, I became a proud dad of a baby girl and the baby grew to become one year old. It all seems to me that I just stopped blogging last night. Life is amazing indeed.

I have been busy with my baby and her pranks off late and I made a conscious decision that watching her mischief is much more interesting than writing a blog.

Well now that you read this blog, don’t think that the tide has turned, she is still an interesting act, you see!

Let’s talk about the Magical mirror as the title reflects. We have all grown up reading Snow White and the Magical Mirror, made even more magical by Walt Disney. So what has it got to do with my blog? Am I narrating this story to my baby – hmm that’s a long way to go. The Snow White story is synonymous to what an IT Consultant’s life at Office reflects. He (Let’s leave ladies for the time being) reports to someone in their Organization hierarchy and let’s assume it to be a Queen (as in Snow White), who thinks she is the fairest (Since we are all Code simians wasting our life in an IT Organization – please interpret “fairest” as Excellent Communicator, Great Leader, the only one who can manage tough re-engineering initiatives, etc) like the Queen in Snow White. The Queen has been around for 28 years in the organization and each year the mirror conveyed she was the fairest (please interpret accurately). Sustaining the “Fairest title” for so long is no mean an achievement, however it was not because she was surrounded by dark monkeys around, it’s just that these dark monkeys subdued and stooped down in their capability value by calling the Queen “Madam” (at times forgetting her Actual name), effortlessly carrying her Laptop bags so that she does she lives 100 years without shoulder pain, giving her luxurious dinner treat at Hotels for every half yearly appraisal, gifting her IPod for every promotion, gifting her children Ipad / Tablets for every Performance Band “A” they get (The highest one can get) etc etc. So these dark monkeys subdued and stooped themselves down so that they don’t come in the vicinity of the mirror and the mirror felt she was indeed the fairest.

This worked perfectly well and much to the rhythm of the Queen’s tunes for 26 years. Did I lose my mathematical edge? No, the mirror recognizes the IT Consultant who has been with the Queen last 2 years as the “fairest”. Queen is irritated, tries all means to disparage him, but beating all suffocation, the IT Consultant survives. After 2 years of suffocation, the IT Consultant has reached a stage where he is nailed to a Glass Coffin (much like Snow White). The otherwise calm and composed IT Consultant becomes very vocal.

He gets himself released from the clutches of this coffin and becomes energetic and aggressive. The queen threatens him to carry her Laptop bags – he refuses. The Queen demands a Mobile phone for the Promotion he received – he whines “Not even a toy Mobile lady”. Remind him of his Promotion treat through him, his parents, his wife – he is rock solid in his decision. Ask him for a luxurious treat for the Performance Band “A” he received – He adamantly refuses. Give him all junk work (going to colleges, preparing flashy presentations, etc) and deny him of all charming work (Globetrotting and visiting exotic locations to meet customers, presenting and earning a good name by projecting the presentations he hss prepared), he is as solid as a pillar, but how about emotionally ?

At this juncture the IT Consultant has 4 options ahead

Option 1Hang the picture of the Queen at Home, spit and shout at her till one’s frustration reaches sea-level (Now it’s nearly 8000 ft above sea-level)

Option 2 Shout at her directly, abuse her and face the brunt 4 months down the line (Its appraisal time you see!)

Option 3 (Very important, my dark monkeys patiently did this) – First shut one’s mouth, listen to the queen (good or bad), keep reminding her that she is the fairest, the organization became so rich because of her, Get some iodex and satiate one’s shoulder pain and above all get her a Diamond Necklace for one’s promotion.

Option 4 – Write a Blog

No prizes for guessing the right option. Open up your thoughts if you’ve been a victim (of Shoulder Pain)

Moral – Life was lot better when Apple and Blackberry were just fruits.


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