2009 – A Post Mortem

Personal constraints have subjugated me for the past one year from the active Blogosphere. The last time I blogged was exactly a year back and I reappear again for the post-mortem of yet another fruitful -well can’t be decided until I’m done with the blog – year.

There are still many monkeys on my back, which I literally grouped them as Personal Constraints, but the resolution for the upcoming year could be to blog more than what I used to during the previous years.

Another year passes by, and it’s been more of an ambivalent feeling, with happy and an equal amount of poignant events hitting the headlines.

1. The King of Pop – A year that saw the demise of the greatest ever pop star the world has seen. MJ was a revolutionary and has been an inspiration for many. It could be his dexterity in his body movements or his music or even the moonwalk that made him the real MJ. How many of you can bloody land on your toes after three spins? Thriller could be the most successful of his albums, but personally I would rate “Off the Wall” as his best.

2. US Airways 1549 – The year saw one of the most miraculous landings ever by an airplane, after it was forced to land at the Hudson river minutes after take off. The plane bound for Charlotte struck a flock of birds during take-off and with both engines out, Sullenberger maneuvered the jetliner over New York city and smoothly floated it on the Hudson River.

3. Barack Obama – The year saw the blackie officially swearing in as the President of USA. He swears in at a time when the economy is on a total downslide, and whether he can pull it off is yet to be seen.

4. Another Blackie – “Lightning Bolt” ensured that his triple gold at Olympics was no mean luck by beating his own record at the world championships.

5. Roger Federer – Might have started off the year weeping at the Prize distribution ceremony of the Australian Open, but mid-way through the year, he pulled off the only title to elude him – French Open – and also regained the Wimbledon, which he lost the previous year to Nadal. Winning these two titles , not only made him join an exclusive club, but also made him get over Sampras for the most number of grandslams.

6. YSR passes away, which means other cheap players woke up. KCR decides not to eat anything for 10 days resulting in utter chaos at AP and also what could be the 29th state of Republic India.

7. A stupid Mexican mated a Pig resulting in an illness which spread the world like a mami’s mouth, resulting in over 100 deaths in India alone. The illness was termed H1N1.

8. The ultimate Hero of Srilanka gave up after years of fighting for the rights of the poor Tamilians of SL. Do you think the LTTE clan still exists?

9. The Musical millionaire Simon Cowell might have turned 50, but his nasty comments on the partipants would have shattered the hopes of atleast 5000.

10. The biggest elections in India saw the IPL getting shifted to SA.

11. Tiger Woods became “extra-marital” woods. Do you think one can take off the golf in him?

12. Renault receives a two-year ban from the F1 circuit for a race-fixing done way back in 2007.

13. ARR and Resul make India proud at the Oscars.

14. Millions across the world fart, resulting in excess CO2 on earth. Some guys noticed this and decided to meet at Copenhagen to see if the food habits of these Millions can be changed to release more O2 instead of CO2.

Happy New Year Readers.


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