Flashes Of The Year That Was ….

The Year 2008 fades itself into an archival folder never to be returned and just to be referenced. The year might have survived one second longer as the dying minute had 61 seconds instead of the usual 60, but it sure has become a year of the past.

The concept of January 1, being celebrated as the beginning of the year is a relatively new concept. The Mesopotamians celebrated the beginning of the year in ides of March, around the time of the vernal equinox. Romans later on designated March 1 as the official beginning of the year, but when January joined the Calender sometime during the 150 BC, Julius Caesar officially made January 1 as the beginning of a year. In between the idea of celebrating the new year on January 1 was abolished, but later on reinstated during the Gregorian Calender.

That was some sort of a history for you guys.

2008 might have been a year of ASHES in its literal sense, as Mumbai lost in a first class international game involving fire, ashes, guns and people, but the year will also be remembered for

1. The Black guy whose name rhymes with OSAMA made it to the top. He defeated a white Vietnam veteran in a pure battle of the titans.

2. The American Banks gave loans to people who had absolutely no intention of paying back, and then said “BULL SHIT”.

3. Many people criticised China for its wrong doings, but it shrugged them off and pulled off a magnificent display of the “MODERN OLYMPICS”.

4. India wins its first ever individual Gold Medal at the Beijing Olympics.

5. The brilliant Vishy Anand, proved he is brilliant again by claiming the No. 1 Spot.

6. It might have been a sub-standard year according to Roger Federer’s standards, but he did ended his drought with a fabulous win over Murray to claim his fifth straight US Open title. Wimbledon Finals was a treat and will be remembered for a Spaniard named Nadal’s victory and also for the sheer standard of the game being played. Nadal might have toppled Federer to become the No. 1, but 2008 was “The YEAR” for the magnificent Scot Andy Murray.

7. Another Black guy wins, not the presidential election though, but 3 of them at Beijing.

8. The poor guy from the streets of Mumbai did strike it rich.

9. The Windows Guy stepped down.

10. The blasts that shook Mumbai, the Iraqi war at Dubya and finally the jews killing thousands of innocent people at Gaza.

Wishing you and your family a Happy and a prosperour New Year 2009.


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