Why dont you SUCK your thumb for a change?

Mumbai has been hit with the worst ever terror attacks one can possibly imagine. The most resilient city probably in the entire universe, not only survived these attacks, but rose back up even more rapidly than one would have ever imagined. Its this sheer tenacity which Mumbai has shown, that as indian citizens, we should applaud to. If just 12 to 15 armed men, can do this level of damage, I was wondering, what would be the state of our country, with more heavily trained terrorists. The security system should be beefed up and we should just go and attack all possible terrorists camps.

After three days of such horrendous acts, one should never get the impression that what happened was something similar to what happens in a video game. This was not a mindless shootout, it was a masterpiece in terror attacks. These guys were here for months, received the best possible commando training, planned every single move, and showed their adeptness against our best commandos, for three days. Well what do we call this? Its nothing but a pure war.

This is what Israel, who are surrounded by attacking neighbours and are always prepared to counterattack, responded to India’s actions. They criticised the fact that India’s response to the attacks were slow and unplanned. Well India as a country should stop whining and should come to its senses.

We have had a plethora of bomb attacks in India in the past, but i was wondering why BBC and CNN had this live relay going on for three days continuosly. was it because they support India, absolutely not. Did they run out of news, no way, BBC always has a documentary picturising poor India at its disposal whenever they run out of news and CNN has the oldie Larry King and Anderson Cooper to manage their shows. So what happened to these channels? The answer is, unlike the earlier bomb attacks, this involved foreigners. 

As mentioned earlier, Mumbai as a city has been resilient and has bounced back superbly. But one has to remember that its a wounded city and a wounded city cannot leap into wonderland. Can a wounded man run a marathon? He cannot and he should not pretend to as well. The Rule is that simple.  The spirit of Mumbai is like a fallacy and behind this fallacy, politics hides itself. My heart goes out to all those who lost someone in these ruthless attacks and we can only pray that such acts are being shunned off completely.

Worth a mention here are the magnificent and brave displays put out by our commandos, they deserve a lovely break, sponsored by Tata. I also feel that the shameless Achyuthanandan deserves a seperate blog on itself, for his selfless comments on the commando Sandeep Unnikrishnan.

Lets pray.


2 responses to “Why dont you SUCK your thumb for a change?

  1. “Loka Samastha sukino bhavanthu ” , “Vasudhaiva kutumbakam ” – seems like these sayings have lost its meaning completely . The first expression of poetry starts with “Ma nishada”. Even this very first word of the very first poetry in the universe is telling “no “; stop killing .

    Things have to change , for that we have to change first . When the heart of the people become pure, there will be no need for any security for any one in any part of the world . A world like this can be imagined only in dreams .

    “Thamasoma jyothir gamaya” Lord , take me from darkness (hatred) to light ( love) . May Lord light the lamp of love in our hearts .

  2. A good one Ram… And just to add to the role that BBC played during entire massacre.. They called those hard core terrorists as gunmen during their entire telecast on their channel….the meaning of terrorist has changed to an armed man in their disctionary… as if those guys where there for a robbery or something and not for a pre planned killing of 200 innocent people…

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