The Sub-prime Diwali

Another Diwali passes by. As usual Sivakasi would have multiplied their profits, despite the financial crisis.

Diwali is a national festival celebrated with great happiness all around the country, except for the crude fact that it’s celebrated a day later in North India. I have been pondering over this for a while and it could be because

1. Diwali indicates the last day of the fourteen years exile of Lord Rama and the citizens of Ayodhya lit thousands of lamps to welcome their beloved prince. Legend goes that Rama used the Rama-jet, which probably would have taken 3-4 hours to reach Delhi and later on by train to Ayodhya, as Ayodhya lacks an airport, which explains the two day phenomenon. This could be one of the reasons why North Indians celebrate Diwali a day after my fellow Tamilians do.

2. Lord Krishna killed Narakasura, the Demon King, and rescued around 20000 women from his captivity. Well the celebration could have spanned over two days.

This is the only festival where the financial crisis does not really take a toll on the citizens and tones of money are being lavishly spent at Ranganathan Street cloth merchants.

For children, Diwali is all about variety crackers, starting off from Poothiri to Hydro Bombs. Sivakasi did have the following to offer this Diwali

1. Sub prime VEDI   – Rocket shaped cracker which has the unique ability to either go UP or DOWN depending on the day you light the same.

2. The Palin – McCain Dhamaka – Round shaped cracker, when lit, goes all around, making thumping noises, ultimately dying off unexpectedly. It contains 75 percent SARAH PALIN material which produces the thumping noises and 25 percent MCCAIN material which is the main reason for dying off.

3. The Mortgage Pookutty  – This is the only cracker which costs less, easy to buy and use, but if used incorrectly can lead to house, err… heart burns.

4. The Osama/O’BOM’a SEP-11 Hydro Bomb – Self-explanatory.

5. The Sriharikota Launch Vedi – The specialty of this cracker is that even when lit in a desert, it will end up in the nearest Ocean, however far it might be.

6. Nuclear Deal 2008 Bomb – Custom made BOMB from the United States. It can be fired only from US territories and the destination can be manually chosen from a wide range of countries. Works well if lit by any Gora holding the surname BUSH. Promoted by Manmohan Firecrackers, Sivakasi.

7. Lehman to Layman Bankruptcy Pataka – A special cracker which has the unique ability to burn out all currency notes in a 10 km radius.

Diwali, the festival of lights, celebrated by one and all, talks about the abundance of autumn harvest. My fellow Indians celebrate this festival by putting on new clothes, lighting up variety crackers and eating plethora of home-made sweets.

As the pomp and show goes on, let’s also take some time off to remember the not so privileged children who try to salvage from the tones of chemicals while developing the crackers at Sivakasi.

Have a safe and an enjoyable Diwali.


4 responses to “The Sub-prime Diwali

  1. A good one .. The message is good . While celebrating deepavali we should always think of those under privilaged kids , who put their childhood and efforts to make our deepavali a colourful one .

  2. hey that a real good one from u… Nice offers Sivakasi had…

  3. Pierraneoubparbed

    ejpnwmrwgzlawmfiwell, hi admin adn people nice forum indeed. how’s life? hope it’s introduce branch 😉


    Jokes and blogs apart, the for North Indians also, Diwali is on the same day. But, they celebrate the next day as Sri Lakshmy Pooja, when, they commence their new accounting(or financial)year. Naturally, they gove more importance to the next day. On this day, they submit their account books, ledgers, etc of the new year at the feet of Goddess Lakshmy and request Her blessings for the coming year.
    Most of the famous and crowded cloth shops like Chennai Silks,RmKV,Pothys etc are located at South Usman Road. Only Jayachandrans is located at Ranganathan street.Ofcourse, it has one or two readymade shops, where, they deal with branded shirts,pants, etc.

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