ONAM – Was King MAHA lashed out by the kid?

Another ONAM passed by bringing back memories of the lovely SADYA, the family get-togethers,  the POOKALAM and what not.  So whats this ONAM all about? When the older generations try to pray and welcome the legendary King Mahabali, for the younger generation its all about King Maha being lashed out by a dwarf.

In this world of jeans, capris, high-heels, computers all around and Englishmatic Malayalam being widely considered as the official language, do you think the current generation has lost the idea of whats ONAM is supposed to be?

Girl 1: Hey ya its ONAM today, Happy ONAM.
Girl 2: Cut the crap, I hate this. I was forced to wear a SET MUNDU to the temple, which i was really uncomfortable at. The only positive being the local boys did get a glance.

Girl 1: Ya ya, but i wore a jean, it does not make sense wearing a SET MUNDU. But the Pookkalam was pretty good.
Girl 2: POOKALAM!! What the holy shit is that? Oh you mean Rangoli, oh ya it was ok, but from a distance i felt someone had a stomach upset, if you know what i mean. But what on hell is all this Rangoli and celebrations for? Is the king gonna come and see all this?

Girl 1: Its supposed to be the tradition you see. But do you actually believe there existed such a king who was really generous to his pupil and who preached equality, without showing any discrimination between the rich, the poor, caste or creed.
Girl 2: Neither do i believe such a king existed, nor do i accept the fact that he was outwitted by a dwarf.

Girl 1: Ya ya, his name is Vamana (Prounounced as Vhe-Maana). This dwarf was being sent to outwit the king i suppose. He asked for 3 footsteps of land, and the dwarf had this unique ability of enlarging himself like you see in Indiana Jones movies. In two footsteps he could cover the entire Earth.
Girl 2: Oh is it, do you know the entire story?

Girl 1: Ya. Legend goes that there existed this king MAHA, who was praised well amongst his pupils. Probably Vishnu got angry over this as most of his disciples eventually became a fan of MAHA, like politicians shifting parties.
Girl 2: Sounds interesting.

Girl 1: So he came down to MAHA in the form of a dwarf and asked for 3 footsteps of land. MAHA agreed to the request and asked the dwarf to go ahead and place three footsteps where ever he felt like. MAHA underestimated this dwarf.
Girl 2: Ya its like this guy in college, whom everyone underestimated and he ended up in one of the IIT’s.

Girl 1: Hmm. The moment MAHA agreed, Vishnu (An ex-microsoft Employee) opened up his WORD document, did a VIEW, ZOOM – 10000 percent, and there goes he got enlarged.
Girl 2: This is probably where the essence of computer knowledge comes into picture you see. What happens next?

Girl 1: By placing 1 footstep, the entire EARTH was covered and the second step took the dwarf to the heaven. MAHA had to bent down so that Vishnu could place his third step on MAHAs head.
Girl 2: Holy crap? This is like Adam Gilchrist hitting Sreeshanth all over the ground. 

Girl 1: Hee Hee.  MAHA bent down and Vishnu stamped him hard, and i think he ended up in the streets of Mumbai.
Girl 2: Mumbai is a place of no return you see.

Girl 1: True, but he can return to Kerala once in a year i guess.
Girl 2: Hmm.  Good Story. Looks like my mom is gonna prepare some weird items like KALAN, OLAN, AVIYAL, dont even know what they mean. I would have preferred a PONNUSAMY Meals instead. You know what i mean. Anyway, lets get out of this traditional mood. Thanksgiving is coming up, which I’m planning for a blast indeed.


3 responses to “ONAM – Was King MAHA lashed out by the kid?

  1. Another good post ! you said it … the essence of onam is diminishing … people spend this beautiful day sitting in front of the idiot box .. watching the sub standard programslike ” onam annum innum ” .. ” de maveli odunne” etc

  2. A good one as uaual…. but need to understand meanings of some of the words u used… though i put in my imagination to understand it…
    but i totally agree.. the essence of Onam is dimnishing.. i was expecting some sweets and nice dishes from u but….. true that its dimnishing….
    Just think waht woyld have happened if Maha like a common man from today would not have given his forehead…. think of it???????

  3. Very good interesting way of narrating. Keep it up


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