The Ultimate HINDU Craaasswords

I really cant say as to when i developed the habit of solving HINDU Crosswords (Rather CRAAASSWORDS as the lovely Tamilians would pronounce), but i do remember a time when i would dive down to get the morning news paper, head straight through to the crossword page, and try my luck at the clues. I was pretty sure my performance on a Thursday will always be better than that on any other days, as Thursdays had more anagrams and i think i was pretty good at that.

I would try my luck first, before my dad fills up the remaining. But however ardent a fan I’m at HINDU craaswords, I have never even reached close of completing one.

But this post, is a kind of a dig through to see how good the HINDU Craaswords get these days. I really feel that they are an absolute waste at creating crosswords. They tend to copy the Crosswords style which THE GUARDIAN adopts.

Take for example the TOI crosswords – the TOI crosswords are typically a clue which directly leads to the word or the phrase. Solving such crosswords does require a pronounced knowledge of the Engligh language. The HINDU Crosswords on the other hand just requires Logical Reasoning to get going.

What I meant is, most of the clues in a HINDU Crossword can be solved, even if you have absolutely no idea what the final answer implies. They are more cryptic in nature.

Now what does Cryptic imply. It simply means the answer to the clue will be embedded in the clue itself (somewhere hidden) or it will try to explain the meaning of the final answer.

Typically the categories within the HINDU Crosswords are

1. Anagrams – The answer to the clue can be found by jumbling certain set of words or phrases within the clue.

2. Hidden Words – Well the answer lies hidden in these clues and are basically formed by reading the end letters of a word and beginning letters of the word that follows it.

3. The “We Hear” Words – Whenever you see “We Hear” in the clue, it simply means that the word in the clue and the final answer sounds exactly the same, but are of different spelling.

4. Deletion of Words – The final answer will be anagrams of letters, which are formed by deleting certain letters of a word. For E.g. If the clue contains the phrase “Account briefly”, it means the letters “a” and “c” (a/c being short form of Account). These Letters along with some other letters will have to be jumbled to form the final answer.

This simply means that all Tamilians need to do is to enhance their logical skills and try to acquire some intuitive power and the CRAAASSWORD will automatically become CROSSWORD.


4 responses to “The Ultimate HINDU Craaasswords

  1. hey man … words fail to comment

  2. Dear Balaji,
    I am writingthis in ammai’s .
    You should have writtenthat your grandpa was also a ardent crosswoed expert.Ganesh is an expert wizard in crossword.
    I will quote an anecdote later.


    In continuation to the comments expressed by your mother.I am adding this anecdote. I do not know , how I forgot to mention this earlier. It didn’t strike me.
    OK, as mentioned by mother, your brother is a great lover of crosswords, and invariably, it is the crowsswords page he turns on, when he gets the HINDU, every day. even your grandpa was a great entusiast in crossword and he used ti fill up most of the blanks by the end of the day.
    When, I returned from London, I got a crossword puzzle book for your grandpa.It was purchased at a cheap price of 10 or 20 p, then.
    He just turned the pages nd kept it on his table for later perusal at leisure. Meanwhile, your brother, who is a voracious reader of any book or magazine , also turned up the pages.
    After a few says, yr grandpa opened it and found to his amazement that a few of the puzzles have been filled up completely.From the handwriting he knew that it must be your brother(who was only around 8 or 9 years old).He could not believe himself.Because all the clues were really tough, and, which, with his MA qualification, he could not even attemt, his grandson has cleared it.He mentioned this proudly to me. While your brother was watching with a mischievous smile(Or is it this you call toungue in cheek, i do not know).
    After a few days only, yr granddad found that all the puzzled had the clues at the end of the book and obviously his grandson must have completed, only with the help of the answers.
    He immediately commented, “You mischievous boy, when I commented at you a few days back why didn’t you tell me that ,you copied the solutions?”.That bok is still in your house.

  4. I’m doing a Kryptos Anagram contest if anyone is interested.


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