Back in the beautiful snow clad mountains of Himalayas, Lord Shiva was doing intense meditation. The snake around his neck was watching Shiva for a long while and thought he must have slept and so it went to its own meditation – dozzing.

Poor Snake !!! He always had a very disturbed sleep. Whenever he gets into deep slumberness, he gets absolute scary nightmares of his rival. All said and done, the snake just cannot help seeing Mr. Garuda atleast once a day as Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva are good friends who meets up almost every day.T`he snake considers himself more dignified than Garuda, as his master carries him around his neck always and moreover he is always part of “big” meetings with Gods, demons and others. Garuda on the other hand had to resort to waiting in the parking lot for the meetings to end.

Lord Vishnu was as usual enjoying the acupuncture therapy that Goddess Lakshmi was giving him. It was then he suddenly remembered about the meeting he had scheduled with Lord Yama. The meeting will also be attended by Lord Shiva, regarding the salary hike for the workers in  Yama Loka.

Garuda was about to take his afternoon nap, but Work is worship you see !  Lord Vishnu positioned himself on the back of Garuda and both headed to Kailash. Garuda thought of taking  his nap at Kailash while his master was indulged in “great talks“. He took a blanket with him for safer side.

Lord Vishnu told Garuda to wait outside for half an hour. Garuda shook his head, but he knew very well that these meetings will go for hours and hours. Garuda was feeling happy as he had a good amount of time to rest, the climate being good, he wrapped himself in the blanket.

Garuda happened to see a small bird on a tree. It was very tired and sick. He saw Lord Yama coming on running, as usual late for the meeting. He just acknowledged the presence of Garuda, did not talk much, as he was running out of time. Mr. Yama also happened to see the bird on the tree, as there was only one tree over the entire area, without leaves and dilapidated. He said ” This bird is still here !! How is that possible ? Its death bell is going to ring soon.” Saying this , he went inside .

Garuda suddenly became wide awake, kicked off his banket and thought ” What does Yama think about himself ? Is he the only person who has powers to take away life ? I don’t want him to show his powers on this little creature ! I will save it from Yama

He took the bird and began flying. Garuda crossed 7 oceans and 7 mountains. They finally reached a forest called  Madrumasha. Garuda placed the bird on the tree. He made sure that the bird was safe and sound. He felt very proud of himself and flew back .

He saw Yama coming out of Kailash. He stopped Yama and asked ” Why were you so concerned about the bird being in Kailash ?” To this Yama replied ” Actually the bird’s fate was to die in a forest called Madrumasha. The bird had to cross 7 oceans and 7 mountains. It was too weak for that venture. That was why I was surprised

Garuda was shell-shocked, as if a thunder bolt had fallen on him. He stood there numb!!!!

You cannot change your fate nor other’s. It is already decided“, he thought.


4 responses to “Destiny

  1. Classic post. Loved it thoroughly.


    This storey tells the power of destiny(or fate).
    It is believed or said) that fate can not be changed even by Lord Vishnu nor Lord Shiva.
    According to hindu mythology, fate line is written (or engraved)on the head of ebvery newborn child on the third(or second) day of its birth at the evening(sandhya) time by Lord Brahma’s messenger.
    The messenger comes with his assistant to the place, where the child is (sleeping or whatever posture it is), takes the child in his lap, and draws (or writes) a crude line on its head using a nail sort of thing(which was used in ancient days to write on dry palm leaves before paper was invented).The thing is human beings on earth cannot see the two messengers but can feel them.
    It is believed that on that day, when the messengers arrive, the child will be alone atleast for a few seconds,which is sufficient for the messengers to draw the fate line).Because, if nobody is there around the vchild, then only it is possible, otherwise, even if they cannot be seen, they can be felt.
    The power of fate has been described in many scriptueres and storeies, throughot the world.
    eg.Srimad Ramayana, Sohrab & Rustum. There are many more, but right now I do not remember any more.If I remember, I will add them here.
    Even in our daily life, you can see and feel the power of fate. Only thing is you have to study in detail and analyse what is happening around you.(in depth analysis)
    In the company Where I had worked for almost 34 years, at one time there were three contenders for the post of Chairman.They were listed as 1,2,3 in order of capability (afer interveiews etc. Everybody expected the No 1 to become the chairman(including the No 1 himself). But, ho finally sat in the chair was No3.
    (No2 got the offer of Chairman of another still bigger company, but because of fate he could not get that post).
    I hope I have not bored you.



    Let me add another instance to prove the power of destiny.
    As well-versed in British history and politics, I think, I can quote an instance from their politics.
    In 1957, Sir.Anthony Eden, who was the Primne Minister of Britain, was forced to resign due to Suez Canal issue.(After being in British politics for over thirty years, he could become PM only in 1955(after Churchill reluctantly gave way for him.He could not sit in the chair for ebven a full term).
    After that normally, Mr.R.A.Butler should have become the next PM,if the MPs are left free to choose their leader.But, Churchil and others intervened and advised the Queen to choose Mr.Harold MacMillan and he became the next PM.(Mr.Butler was not an arirtocratic upbringing or so).RAButler served under mrMacMillan.
    Next Elections in 1960 Conservatives won and naturally MacMillan was chosen as the PM.But, he was forced to resign due to John Profumo-Christine Keeler sex scandal, sometime in 1963.Again the question of next PM arose.People thought atleast now Butler would be lucky. During that time, there were many contenders for the post, and many people who deserved also, ofcourse Butler leading them all.
    Alas, the aristocracy behind the Conservative Party, the so called leaders and well-wishers choose Mr.Alec Douglas Home (pronounced Hume- u as German umlaut).Butler again lost the chance probably the last chance to sit on the chair.
    All the incidents that took place just prior to the selection of Home has been clealy narrated by Lord Randolph Churchill in his book (The fight for the Tory Leadership”.He even compares Butler to a twrelfth century vicar, who was waiting to become bishop, but never became one. He quotes a ballad,
    This law, I shall maintain until my dying day,Sir,
    That whatever King shall reign,
    I shall be the Vicar of Bray, Sir.

    And he finishes with a classic sentence, ” The vicar of Bray never became bishop, nor will Butler ever become the Prime minister of England”.
    Butler served under Home also and later retired from politics and became a Lord.(Lord Trinity of cambridge University.
    This is the power of destiny.

  4. A simple yet powerful story read and heard many times – But you have written it so well in the present world context ( parking lot/acupuncture sessions etc) that I totally enjoyed reading it !!
    Great style !! Keep it up.

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