Day in a geek’s life

He just won the most coveted Grand Slam title he had been dreaming of, right when he was a kid. He screamed, he was exultant, he threw his hand band to the spectators, gave a flying kiss to his girl friend, applauded the plethora of fans who had flocked together to see him win the coveted title.


He smiled at Pete Sampras who had flown down to hand over the prestigious trophy. His hands started to shiver as he attempted to get the trophy. That’s when he got drenched in water. He trembled, just to find that he had been dreaming.


He opened his eyes, his wife was standing in front of him with a bucket and a big chappati roll.


“Ennanga, its 7 AM in the morning, will you get up or you want me to pour another bucket of water on you???”


Ramesh cursed, bit his teeth hard,


“Enappa??? Come on get up and get yourself out to office”, his wife’s vibrating voice rang up to his ear again.


He reluctantly woke up thinking about the hectic day at office. He cursed his 2 best friends for setting up a call at 8:30 in the morning. But life had to move on.


Ramesh works as a computer consultant for a software company and was currently on deputation at an island near the US. He got ready in a jiffy, and started off to work. He got a call from Subrat, his best friend who was a bachelor.


“Hey Ramesh, readyaa?? Can you please pick me up as well, I’ll just take 5 min. “


Ramesh started his car, the entire neighborhood would have woken up hearing the screeching voice his car produces when it starts. He cursed again. He cursed the Japanese manufacturers, who manufactured his car.


He took a blind U in his apartment complex to pick up his friend Swaroop. He honked his car, and out came Swaroop.


“Good Morning dear, how are you dear?  What time did you leave office yesterday dear? How is your wife dear? What time are you going for lunch dear?”


Ramesh just counted the number of “dear” he used. This son of a great poet, was a gentleman, who hated T Shirts and could see him wearing formals on Sunday. Oops , Ramesh could not digest this. He moved on talking about Adnan Sami, and Abhijeet and other great Hindi singers.


He reached the house of Subrat, who was just preparing to take bath. These bachelors

wake up late, as they get involved in lousy activities at night. You know what I mean, don’t you??? Ramesh parked his car, got into Subrat’s house.


Well, the house had things scattered all over the place, starting from lungi to towels, you could see them all lying around. He carefully avoided these items which was lying on the floor and waited for the guys to get ready. He was greeted by Subrat who was in a towel. This guy was the funniest of the lot. He is a great Vijay fan, a great entertainer, but listens to songs which are unbearable to a normal human being.


“Vango Ramesh, Ukkarungo” he said (Come sit down you crap when translated).


He then saw Kamesh, who was fat, and made sure he visited the local MVP Barber shop once a month for taking off just 2 hairs of his head. Ramesh liked him though.


“Enna Kamesh, soukyama, enna news ???(Are you fine, what’s news)”,


“Aamam! Njan thanni stop panniyachu” (Yes! I have stopped drinking).


An intense shock wave ran through his body, as he could not believe his ears. Kamesh is an “occasional” drinker, who just drinks on all days except the Thanks giving day. Wow that was a shock indeed. Ramesh went straight ahead to Tarzy’s room (his third room mate). Tarzy was still sleeping. Lazy bump he thought. Tarzy goes to office only at 11.


Ramesh thought, what a lucky guy he is. Tarzy is considered to be an extremely great driver, who teaches parallel parking to all his colleagues. He drives well, but occasionally gets confused between brake and accelerator. Well that’s really not a bad thing you see. He goes to office with his project mate, Praseetha. Praseetha is lean and tall and was the only female who drove and owned a car. Tarzy and Praseetha share the same car, but Ramesh could always find out who was driving, by looking at the way the car stops. When Praseetha stops the car, the whole car reverberates, creates a tremor and finally halts.


He saw Nagraj – Snakefather, the fourth occupant in the room. He greeted Ramesh with a peppy smile, and he returned the smile. This guy was a gluttonous eater, but his body never reciprocated the same.


Ramesh picked up Subrat and Kamesh, and drove to office. He saw the tie clad manager Satya who greeted them with a smiling face. Ramesh thought of their conversation last night


“See Ramesh, the estimate of a Java Project, with CICS embedded on it and running on 8 Sockets, where a Message Queue receives this message and sends it to a geo synchronous platform of Dot Net, should be just 1 week”


Ramesh gasped, but still managed a smile.


He then saw those 2 friends of his, Naresh and Narasimhamurthi, who were the initiators of this whole 8 30 call funda. Naresh is a nice guy, but occasionally is absent minded. You talk to him something relevant and important, he thinks of something totally irrelevant and makes you crib. He was trying to book a conference room for the call.


Narasimhamurthi on the other hand, was like an authorization engine. A transaction gets authorized based on a pre defined set of rules, and this guy was no different, he lives based on some pre defined set of rules. A very techie guy, but Ramesh occasionally gets stabbed by him. He counters whatever you say, and Ramesh always ends up at the losing end. 


He attended the conference call. A design which was actually frozen yesterday, gets shackled into pieces by his offshore mates. He came out scratching his head hard and chewing his hair.


He heads for lunch with his neighbor Srinivas. Srinivas is a great Nayantara fan. He has the latest updates of where Chiranjeevi’s daughter is, NTR family tree, Nayantaras weight, height, and what not. Swaroop, Srinivas, Venky and Kamakshi are his lunch mates.


Venky shakes his head while talking, he is full of actions and if you have thought that a person can only laugh or talk at one time, well you are wrong. this guy does both.


Kamakshi on the other hand cribs about her life in the island, the project, her role, her husband in US, her release, etc.


He comes back from lunch and opens a word document, inundated with diagrams on it.


He then saw a mail from Radheesh, inviting everyone for a birthday party. The moment Ramesh SHIFT deleted his mail, he was standing close to him asking him to take a KSS session. Ramesh stared, he was half asleep and shook his head. Radheesh is a great organizer who organizes events, but unsuccessful in booking halls.


He lives with another family Subrat, who believes that “words travel faster than actions“. This guy can talk around 200 words per second, and Ramesh occasionally fumbles at the whole meaning of what he said. He is a new entrant to the island and works for some weird product which Ramesh finds it difficult to utter.


Ramesh drags the afternoon, by half sleeping, half working, and then moves on till 4 PM. He smiles, its tea time, and it’s the only time he enjoys at office. He drags his friends along and heads for tea.


He is greeted by Akhtar, a nice guy, talks a lot.


“Hey Akhtar , Kaise Ho”

“Hare Ramesh , mein tho teek hoon “


“Tumhara mobile kaisa hai?“

“Kya mobile Ramesh, wo blackberry tho whiteberry ho gaya. Pinto ko bulana chahiyae“


He then saw Susmitha and he was seeing her after a week. She is the frequently flying member of the group who travels to New York every week, every long weekend and given a chance she might even head there every day.


He also smiled at his friend Gaurishankar, who took a cigarette from his pocket and caressed it between his lips. He smoked, imitating Rajani, Ramesh thought, typing the words “GAU” on his car and smoking like Rajani, does not make one stylish !!!


The crowd disbursed, Ramesh half heartedly came back to his seat thinking of the long day ahead. Ramesh worked late. At around 10 PM, his phone rang. It was his wife, he was thinking whether to pick or not, either ways its trouble he thought. He decided to pick the phone.


“Enna ? Varela ? Are you coming home or not, if you don’t come in the next 10 min, there’s no dinner for you”


Ramesh was freaking hungry, he thought for a second and desperately drove back home.


He saw 2 hands in the air and a body walking. he realized it was his friend Neelima. She eats one chappathi the whole day and exercises as if she has eaten a tonne of cheese. Ramesh giggled, he noticed she was talking to someone, and he thought “will I ever see the girl without a phone on her ear”


He entered his house. He did a recap on the entire happenings of the day, he smiled. It was a fruitful day indeed. Productive as well. His smile faded away when he thought of waking up tomorrow for the lousy 8 :30 call, he cursed again, but remembered Omar Khayyams lovely words


“The moving finger writes, and having writ, moves on”, which meant whatever happened has happened and cannot be changed.


5 responses to “Day in a geek’s life

  1. Good post, keep the spirit moving.


    The moral of this piece, I could not understand.Does it mean that our hero of this piece, though is afraid of undergoing the (physical as well as mental)ordeal he undergoes daily at 0830 morning , he enjoys the whole working day and working life very much and which he feels has been very productive.

  3. Appa, this is about us and his frnds in his office .
    Ramesh == Ramanathan
    and his wife holding the chapathi roll is me …
    others r his frnds … just names r changed …
    He wrote this for TCS Puerto Rico magazine …


    Is it how you wake him up from bed daily?

  5. No, he is just making fun of everyone.

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